Coin en PVCThe PVC window insulates better than wood and requires as little maintenance as aluminum. Add to this that the PVC window is generally sold at a good price , and you will understand the reasons for its dazzling commercial success. PVC rigid used in the manufacture of PVC windows is a synthetic resin which has been cured so as to offer a high impact resistance not to be confused with the plastic garden furniture , which have a any other formulation.

The A- 440 standards

A good way to ensure a minimum of quality is to stick only to the windows of PVC that have passed the placement test of the A-440 standard. These Window meet or even exceed the levels of sealing and structural strength set by CSA. Specifically designed for the manufacture of window factory, this standard evaluates the strength and performance of a new product based on the following criteria:

  • The airtightness
  • ( A1 to A3 , the highest level being A3)
  • The impermeability to water penetration
  • (B1 to B7 , the highest level being B7)
  • The impermeability to forced entry
  • (F1 to F2, the highest rating being F2)
  • The resistance of the window subjected to the action of wind
  • (C1 to C5, the highest rating being C5)